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David Davies

David Davies

Rowhedge, Colchester, Essex


Along the way

I am a UK based artist and creative director. My career has followed many design paths along the way and has taken in a wide range of work projects, from brand identity and national advertising campaigns to exhibitions and packaging and many other disciplines in-between. Working on such commercial and constricting projects, I find that producing images for my own pleasure (and hopefully for others to appreciate) provides me with a meaningful life balance.

Most of my output these days is photography based, many images having been developed digitally to bring them to point where they are more than just a record of light passing through a lens. The various styles and mediums I now immerse my art within give me enormous pleasure. And rather like the excitement of being back in art school all those decades ago, I can't stop being competitive with myself, always trying to improve upon the last project, still learning from my mistakes as well as by examining the work of artist's I admire.

For the last couple of decades or more, I've worked from home in a small riverside village close to an abundance of countryside thick with woods and great walks to share with my dog Jazz. Creating imagery for posters and book covers, as well as to add to my art print gallery, has now become a strong passion for me; something that gets me up in the morning when the sun breaks up the night, and later, something that keeps me up until the early morning hours, when I just do not want to leave an image unfinished.

Anyway, please judge for yourself.

Take a cruise through the imagery on show here, and if you want to know more about any of them, I would be be pleased to discuss any of it with you.


Primary Visions

Black & White or Duo-tone

Digital Illustration and Painting


Painting with light

Personalities -- mostly human





Still-ish Life


Architecture -- cityscapes